Unapologetically Me

Hey Fashion Fabs!  Have you ever embarked on a new endeavor you were excited about but didn’t have a clear blueprint to guide you? I raise my hand – guilty as charged. When I started blogging, I had no clarity in regards to my audience, clueless to the expectations, no content readily available, and I wasn’t consistent. 

After attending blogger workshops, conferences, and receiving great mentorship, the light bulb went off and I finally had clarity and my road map was written with clear instructions.  But there was one important aspect of blogging that I was briefly going back and forth with and that’s authenticity.  All of my content is original but someone mentioned that my authenticity may not be “likeable content for the Gram” or I should “mimic the work of other influencers to increase my following.”  Pause.  Wait a minute and insert a side eye.

If my authentic aka genuine, aka bona fide, aka real issues are not voiced, then I’m doing myself and my tribe aka Fashion Fabs a disservice.  I take the influencer industry extremely serious and it’s definitely not done for likes.  Majority of the time, people don’t get to see what goes on behind the scenes.  They only see the perfect, finish product.  Well everything doesn’t work out as planned and I don’t have an issue sharing it all.  Hell sometimes an outfit that looked dope on the web doesn’t fit my body like I’d hope it would.  There have been times when my wig may not be having a good day as yesterday.  Guess what I do?  I share it because it’s authentic and it’s reality.      

I said all of that to say this, don’t water down who you are to fit in.  I am Joyce Delaney – an influencer, fashion stylist, content creator, and motivational speaker.  I am unapologetically me.  Have a great day on purpose. 

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