“Money and time well spent”

“Money and time well spent”
December 31, 2017

“After losing 20+ pounds, I needed to buy new clothes, but I also wanted a new style to go with my new body.  No matter how hard I tried on my own, I just couldn’t seem to get out of the habit of buying clothes that fit my usual uniform of dark, solid colors and loose fitting tops.

Not only did Joyce help me find figure-flattering outfits and discover colors, patterns and textures that I never would have chosen on my own, she also gave me the confidence to wear them by having me try on everything, and taking the time to explain why she chose them for me.  She also gave me lots of fashion tips throughout the shopping session, giving me an education that has had a lasting effect.  Now, I always try things before I leave the store, I try things that would normally be out of my comfort zone, and take more fashion risks.

But all of this is what I expected when I hired her as a stylist to help me move beyond my normal style of dress into something new, exciting and different.  What I didn’t expect was the meticulous follow-up that she gave me after the trip was over.

There were several things that we saw while shopping but that weren’t available in my size, and there were pieces she had in mind for me based on my goals that we didn’t find at the stores that we went to that day.  However, being the professional shopper she is, she knew of other places I could get the staple pieces I needed to complete my wardrobe.  The night after our shopping trip, she sent me an email filled with links to stores where I could purchase them.  Awesome.

Joyce is not only the consummate professional, she is also a pleasure to spend an afternoon with.  Money and time well spent.”


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