Coral Teddy Coat

Hey Fashion Fabs!  When it comes to winter fashion of course a coat is definitely what most of us are on the prowl about.  Year after year, we rummage through our closets for our winter coat and once we find it sometimes buttons are loose, belts mysteriously grew legs and walked out of the house, or our favorite winter coat just doesn’t fit the same.  Now we’re faced with the pressure of purchasing a new coat because the temperature is going to be 20 degrees in a few days, and a new coat is not in the budget.  I’ve been there, done that, and have a solution for you.  Allow me to introduce my new found love – a coral teddy coat hot off of the Target racks.  The coat is oh so warm and a tad bit oversized.  I purchased an extra-large so I can have room for layering and wearing bulky sweaters.  I love for my coats to be a statement piece and the coral color is right up my alley.  For those of you who may want a more subtle color, the coat is also offered in tan.    

But wait a minute I haven’t spilled all the tea.  Fashion Fabs, you all may want to clean your glasses and wipe your screens clean because what you’re about to read is not a typo.  The coat costs [drum roll] only $44 and some change!!  That’s an awesome price for a winter coat and I didn’t break the bank with this purchase.  Wonderful!!!    

There’s one caveat about the coat and that’s the buttons.  For some reason, the top button doesn’t always stay buttoned.  That’s a very, very minor issue and will be fixed with $2.00 new buttons and 30 minutes of my time.  Other than the top button, this coat hits all of my criteria for being a fabulous fashion find.   Mark my word, you’ll see this coat on repeat again and again this winter.  Have a great day on purpose!

Shop My Lewk:
Coat:  Target
Jeans:  Old Navy
Boots:  Go Jane
Scarf:  Vintage

Plus Size:
Coat:  Target
Jeans:  Old Navy

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