Denim Tulle Skirt

Hey Fashion Fabs!  Some of you may have jumped onboard the tulle skirt trend and some of you may have had enough of it.  As for me, I’m a cheerleader for team tulle.  What has me raving even more is the creative ways fashion designers are dramatically changing the former ballerina skirt into dope, sophisticated, and innovative lewks. 

I was more than happy to see this denim tulle skirt on my Instagram feed several weeks ago.  The combination of comfortable denim with stretch and a touch of girly tulle set this skirt apart from others that I own.  This skirt is in for the long haul and I’ll be pairing it with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual night out very soon. 

This lewk is sexy, bold, confident, and sassy.  It’s a dose of femininity. 

Shop My Lewk:
Skirt:  Meow and Barks Boutique
Jacket:  QVC (vintage)
Heels:  JustFab
Purse:  Aldo (vintage)

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Bright Knits

Hey Fashion Fabs!  I acknowledge the thought and effort of things done fabulously.  The creative design of these knits is sophisticated, divine, and appreciated. 

I was extremely impressed with the vertical stripe on the skirt which automatically added inches to my height.  The orange and purple combination is bold and unexpected yet I’m inspired to wear it again.   The cropped top is a new introduction to me in a knit that I will appreciate more once the crunches begin to take effect.   The cuffed sleeves and hem placed me in the fashion scene of the iconic movie Mahogany featuring the boss Diana Ross.  And last but not least, the knits fit me like a glove.  Hands down I LOVE this lewk and eager to wear the knits again together as well as separates.  Have a great day on purpose.

Photo credit: Impact 24/36

Shop My Lewk:
I have the sweater in a 1X and the skirt in a large.
Sweater: Hanifa – Available in sizes XS to 2X.
Skirt:   Hanifa – Available in sizes XS to 1X.

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Unapologetically Me

Hey Fashion Fabs!  Have you ever embarked on a new endeavor you were excited about but didn’t have a clear blueprint to guide you? I raise my hand – guilty as charged. When I started blogging, I had no clarity in regards to my audience, clueless to the expectations, no content readily available, and I wasn’t consistent. 

After attending blogger workshops, conferences, and receiving great mentorship, the light bulb went off and I finally had clarity and my road map was written with clear instructions.  But there was one important aspect of blogging that I was briefly going back and forth with and that’s authenticity.  All of my content is original but someone mentioned that my authenticity may not be “likeable content for the Gram” or I should “mimic the work of other influencers to increase my following.”  Pause.  Wait a minute and insert a side eye.

If my authentic aka genuine, aka bona fide, aka real issues are not voiced, then I’m doing myself and my tribe aka Fashion Fabs a disservice.  I take the influencer industry extremely serious and it’s definitely not done for likes.  Majority of the time, people don’t get to see what goes on behind the scenes.  They only see the perfect, finish product.  Well everything doesn’t work out as planned and I don’t have an issue sharing it all.  Hell sometimes an outfit that looked dope on the web doesn’t fit my body like I’d hope it would.  There have been times when my wig may not be having a good day as yesterday.  Guess what I do?  I share it because it’s authentic and it’s reality.      

I said all of that to say this, don’t water down who you are to fit in.  I am Joyce Delaney – an influencer, fashion stylist, content creator, and motivational speaker.  I am unapologetically me.  Have a great day on purpose. 

Photo credit:  Impact 24/36

Shop My Lewk:
Coat:  ASOS (sold out) (Sorry.)
Top and Pants:  Zara (sold out)  (So sorry.)
Boots:  Public Desire

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Sweater Jogger Set

Hey Fashion Fabs!  Today the Washington, DC area will experience Indian summer or is February too late to be called Indian summer?  Ok let’s just say my neck of the woods will experience low 60 degree temperature and today will be a good day.

In addition to the good weather are these cute sweater top and matching joggers that are perfect for the unusually warm winter we’re having on the east coast.  The color combination is pretty, and I appreciate the contrasting pink inside the sleeves which makes it worth my while cuffing the sleeves.  The separates run big and I had to exchange them for a smaller size to get a better fit.  I have a medium size top and a large size pants.  The pants fit well but I think I could’ve gone for a size small in the top because it has a boxy cut.  Boxy cut tops can add extra weight for big busted women like your girl but that wasn’t a big deal for me.

Of course taking the ordinary route of styling the separates with sneakers is what I didn’t want to do.  Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?  Instead, I styled the separates with satin, hot pink, booties to give it an edgy lewk.  But if I wore this lewk while traveling or running errands, sneakers would be my footwear of choice.    

Considering the nice sales price and color combination, the separates give me an old school track suit with a new school vibe.  Have a great day on purpose. 

Photo credit: Impact 24/36

Shop My Lewk:
Top:  Macy’s
Pants:  Macy’s
Booties:  vintage
Purse:  T.J. Maxx

Plus Sizes:
The separates are available up to an XXL
which may fit up to a 16/18.
Please note the sizes I purchased.

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Winter White

Hey Fashion Fabs!  For so many years, we’ve heard of the fashion rule “wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion faux pas”.  My question is who made up this “rule”?  I mean is there a fashion counsel who put in place this rule?   There’s no fashion commandment written in stone about wearing white after Labor Day.  I believe what should be taken into consideration is the fabric and not the color.  The thought of wearing linen, cotton, and rayon in the winter is not a good idea.  These fabrics are breathable, lightweight, and tend to keep the body cool.   Knits, fleece, and wool are ideal fabrics for the winter and will keep the body warm.  With that being said, I’ll give you the details on this warm, winter white, sweater lewk.         

I’ve been wanting a sweater set since the winter chill started.  However, I always came across a sweater set that was too casual or the pants were joggers.  Thank goodness I finally found this outfit at Target which can transition easily from day to night, and of course it’s reasonably priced.  I had one main concern about the pants when I purchased them.  I was concerned about a knee print appearing after wearing the pants for several hours.  Surprisingly, there were no knee prints in my pants after sitting, walking, and driving for several hours. 

The top and pants are actually knit separates and run a little large.  I’m a healthy size 12 but I purchased a medium top and large pants.  The sleeve length was a little too long for me and cuffing the sleeves was ideal.  The tall Fashion Fabs will appreciate the sleeve length.  Call me old school but I felt like I needed my version of a pants slip (aka shaper) just to keep my jewels covered.  LOL. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the separates a 9.  This is a timeless and affordable lewk for the winter.  Have a great day on purpose. 

Shop My Lewk:
Sweater:  Target
Pants:  Target
Shoes:  Nordstrom (no longer available)
Purse:  vintage

Plus Size:
Sweater:  Target
Pants:  Target

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