Joyce Delaney is a fashion influencer, stylist, and digital content creator of the fashion blog JDProfiles.  Joyce is a native of Washington, DC and showed a fascination for fashion as a young child.  Instead of choosing age appropriate books for a budding child, Joyce was fascinated looking through the pages of Vogue and Elle magazines daydreaming of future outfits.    

Throughout high school, Joyce’s gift and raw talent for fashion styling were apparent.  While her sister was away in college, Joyce would combine her sister’s clothes with hers to create countless, distinctive looks.  Her unique fashion style gained the attention of many and she regularly received requests to assist others with their fashion needs. 

With the support of family and friends, Joyce turned her love for fashion styling into a business and the fashion blog JDProfiles was created in 2015 to inspire women to achieve high fashion looks without paying for it.  The fashion blog JDProfiles has captured the attention of celebrity designers and stylists such as June Ambrose, Kevin Johnn, and Gwen Stefani.  Joyce’s fashion blog photos have been featured on the websites and social media pages of Macy’s, New York & Company, and the Fashion Bomb Daily.

Joyce believes you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous.  All it takes is self-confidence, creativity, and taking risk with key pieces.